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What We Do?

We aim to bring more customers to that empty table at your place.



So you’re looking to make some significant changes to boost your business.  Planning is always an important factor when successfully implementing change.

We can work with you to develop a marketing strategy based on tangible outcomes, build a marketing plan that is clear and easy to follow and work with you to execute the plan.



One of the key pillars of your marketing strategy must be well maintained to bring results. We can provide fully customised website design, content management systems, brand identity design (including logo design, letterheads, posters, menus, banners, business cards and more), copywriting, social media design and management as well as website maintenance and regular updates. Ask us for details!



A successful campaign is 10% inspiration and 90% execution. We will start with a marketing audit of your current situation, propose a tailor-made selection of campaigns and implement your chosen ones. We’ll make sure that your online and offline marketing work together. On-site marketing, online marketing, social media campaigns, Google Adwords, SEO, email campaign – we will make them coherent across the channels and provide you with valuable insight into your customer base in the meantime!

Here's how we can help

Each campaign or project at marketing for hospitality is unique and we guarantee a tailor-made proposal.

WordPress website

Cost: from £895

Is your website hard to maintain? Are you planning a website redesign? We can recommend optimised and branded website design that suits your business and suits your budget. Guaranteed responsiveness, cross-browser optimisation, website tutorial and support!

Get in touch to discuss your website needs.

PPC advertising

Cost: from £450 for research, plan and setup

Then from £150 for monthly management

(price per account)

We will work with you to establish goals of your campaign, choosen an appropriate audience and help estimate the budget. Depending on a chosen medium, we will prepare the keywords, ads, pictures, and set up the campaign with you. Currently we work mainly with Google Adwords – let’s see how we can use it to your advantage!

Social media management

Cost: from £295 (per account/per month)

Managing all accounts relevant to your audience can be a little overwhelming. We will create a plan for all your social media, involving goals, budgets and frequency and topics for posting, tweeting and instagraming – and manage the implementation. We currently provide help with:

Newsletter setup

Blog post copywriting

Newsletter design

Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Social media lead generation

Cost: from £450 for research, plan and setup

Then from £150 for monthly management

(price per account)

We all know about Google Adwords but what about other digital channels of advertising? We will direct relevant traffic to your website and keep the bounce rates to the minimum.

How do we do this? We can arrange your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn advertising following research and identification of goals and target audience.

Marketing consulting

Cost: from £595

Whether you are planning a menu re-launch, want to hold more events in your business, want to get the word out about a beer festival or you want to completely change the direction of your business, we have the experience to guide you through the process and the resilience to troubleshoot any bumps that may appear on the road.  Most importantly, we have seen many mistakes in the past that will allow us to make your journey as bump free as possible.

We currently provide:

Marketing audits

Marketing plan (3 – 6 months)

Marketing plan + weekly support

Social media marketing courses

Design and branding

Cost: from £500 (branding sessions)

from £750 (logo design) 

Develop your brand with us and bring your ideas to fruition. We provide brand development help and all brand visuals you may need. From brand values to logo design to beer mats – we can help you organise, plan and realise your ideas – and add our own to the mix! Sound good?

PR campaigns

Cost: please get in touch to discuss your needs due to specific nature of PR!

Are you opening a new pub? Promoting new event? Launching a pop up bar or restaurant? Give your business the special attention it deserves. We can liaise with PR outlets and prepare your press releases, as well as identify and buy media to promote the latest jewel in your crown. Interested? Ask us about how we can supercharge your next campaign.

Monthly maintenance

Cost: monthly prices start from £100.

Do you need a steady hand to guide your marketing on a more regular basis? We offer retainer packages that are tailored to your business needs. Website maintenance and updates? No problem. Email marketing? Done. Social media management? We are only a click away!  No request is too small or too big.

Don’t need a full time Marketing Manager or just can’t find the right person for the job? We offer solutions for short and long term goals.

Here's how a typical project works

Although at Marketing for Hospitality we will adjust each process to your needs



We will hold a meeting in person or online to determine the goals of your project, desired outcomes and to find out more about your business! Everything you can tell us is valuable – from your own personal vision, past marketing efforts, current channels – we need to know these things to correctly identify what can be done to bring you more business in the most efficient way.



Marketing for Hospitality team will provide you with a preliminary proposal describing what we can do for you. Don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you with marketinguese. The proposal will be prepared specifically for your needs and will detail pricing, timeline and different options of each service together with recommendations.



After choosing your proposal items, we will set up a written contract to be able to book you in for the time agreed in the proposal. Once we receive the documents, it’s all booked for you and we’ll send you a Marketing for Hospitality welcome pack and prepare to start the project!



Whether it’s a marketing plan, website design or copywriting, each one of those will require us to gain more information about your business, a possible number of meetings and a day (or a few) on the premises. We need to know everything there is to know in order to create a product that will best serve your business!


Creative Work

Within a timeframe agreed in the proposal, we will have some time of our own to meet with our teams, brainstorm on your project and write down appropriate documents or prepare designs. This is en extremely important phase and often results in plenty of additional advice and recommendations for you as we make notes while working at the Marketing for Hospitality headquarters. Oh, and we’ll obviously share those with you…



Depending on a number of deliverables, we will deliver each part of the project within the timeframe agreed and will discuss the drafts and final versions with you to ensure you’re happy with all the materials. Some services, such as marketing consultancy or newsletter maintenance will have multiple delivery dates, so we will then agree on a right schedule for you to execute them every month.

We work exclusively with hospitality businesses.

This means you can benefit from our specialised knowledge we can use to your advantage.

Pubs and bars

At Marketing for Hospitality we can provide events inspiration and management, Marketing Plans, Web Design and updates, New business Marketing if you are opening a new pub, Food Positioning to suit your target market, Booking Management Solutions to get you more diners, Reputation Services to make sure your online image remains untarnished, mystery diner service that allows you the insight of what your customers see.


Our services are designed to help with increasing spend per head, increasing bookings during quiet times, drive return visits through digital marketing, marketing plans, web Design, new business marketing, booking management solutions, online reputation services and mystery diner service

Coffee shops

Give your coffee shop a brand identity that will give your customers confidence. It’s no coincidence that the large coffee chains do well, they implement a slick marketing system that sells you more than coffee… it sells you the lifestyle and experience.  Give your business the same makeover and reap the rewards.

Hotels and B&Bs

Ask us how we can help you with increasing spend per head, increasing bookings during quiet times, driving return visits through digital marketing, designing marketing plans integrated web design new business marketing, food positioning, reputation services, increased occupancy and mystery shopper services

Pop-up bars and street food

Often the difference between a BBQ and the next big street food vendor is the positioning of the brand and their ability to get a spot at the market / pub / pop up location.  Let Marketing for Hospitality take care of your branding, website, menu design and social media to allow you to concentrate on booking the next gig…. We might even be able to help with that too!

Organic food brands

Does your brand marketing, website and positioning do your product justice? Are you passionate about your healthy product but are having difficulty breaking through in a crowded market? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you achieve your brand goals.


Book a free consultation or drop us a hello message!