Opening a new business or having a refurb? – Take your customers on the journey too

So, you have taken on a lease and you are ready to start work on transforming this blank canvas into your pride and joy.

There is a fantastic opportunity now to kill 2 birds with one stone by linking the renovation works with your desire to build an audience in time for opening night.

Customers now more than ever are living their lives online and have access to unlimited information and distractions.  However, as these customers scroll helplessly through their social media accounts day in, day out they will rarely find news that moves them.  Quite often, they will scroll continuously through the “noise” of updates from long lost friends posting a picture of their baby or of their latest meal in the hope of finding an article that is not click bait or a post of importance to them.


What makes a post important to someone?

Customers are moved mostly by information that impacts on their world. Be that their political beliefs, their moral beliefs, something that affects a group to which they belong or something that affects their local area.

This creates an ideal opportunity for us as marketers to create an impact on our future customers via social media.  You can generate interest and intrigue by posting regular updates about what activities you are undertaking in your bid to get the business ready for opening night.


Hold on now, I hear you say – That is all well and good if you have an audience that is at your disposal, but how can i possibly generate the initial interest if I don’t have an audience?

The answer my dear friends can be found HERE in our top 10 tips for generating interest through social media


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