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Google Adwords for Hospitality

Pay per click campaigns that bring customers straight to your digital doors.




We will work closely with you to identify key audiences for your new Google Adwords for Hospitality campaign. This allows for better targeting and will ensure that your ads are viewed by relevant, interested people, who are looking for your services.




Based on the desired outcome, we will propose a budget based on our previous experience, your audience, your keywords and anticipated traffic. The budget will be spread monthly, and weekly followups are in place to ensure we get the maximum value out of your keywords.




Once we have everything set up, we’ll launch your campaign and report weekly stats. We will tweak the campaign every week to ensure maximum effectiveness, we’ll provide you with mini-reports, as well as link the Adwords to Google Analytics, so that we can see exactly how successful they are!

Prices start from £450 + budget for a full campaign setup

But we will obviously tailor each Google Adwords for Hospitality campaign to your needs and provide you with a personalised proposal!

4 keyword groups

We’ll identify up to 4 main groups of keywords and compose the first campaign. We will then track them closely to ensure maximum potential reached.

Cost: £450 setup fee

£150 monthly maintenance

+ budget agreed to spend on ad clicks

6 keyword groups

We’ll follow exactly the same procedure as for 4 groups, but diversifying more. We’ll always ensure each group consists of effective keywords.

Cost: £650 set up fee 

£200 monthly maintenance

+ budget agreed to spend on clicks

8 keyword groups

Eight specifically selected groups of keywords relevant to your landing pages. What more to ask for?!

Cost: £795 setup fee

£300 monthly maintenance 

+ budget agreed to spend on clicks

I want more than 8!

We can tailor each keyword campaign to your business needs, so after an initial consultation and research, we’ll recommend a fully designed campaign that will sweep your audience off their feet.


Cost: from £850 setup fee

from £400 monthly maintenance

+ budget agreed to spend on clicks

+ budget agreed to spend on chocolate…

We work exclusively with hospitality businesses.

This means you can benefit from our specialised knowledge we can use to your advantage.

Pubs and bars

From Marketing Plans, WordPress Website Design and updates, to Food Positioning to suit your target market and Booking Management Solutions to get you more diners!


From increasing bookings during quiet times to new business marketing, digital marketing, marketing plans, web design, mystery diner service and more!

Coffee shops

It’s no coincidence that the large coffee chains do well, they implement a slick marketing system that sells you more than coffee… it sells you the lifestyle and experience.  Give your business the same makeover and reap the rewards.

Hotels and B&Bs

Increasing spend per head, driving return visits through digital marketing, designing marketing plans and reputation services, increased occupancy.

Pop-up bars and street food

Let us take care of your branding, website, menu design and social media to allow you to concentrate on booking the next gig…. We might even be able to help with that too!

Organic food brands

Are you passionate about your healthy product but are having difficulty breaking through in a crowded market? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you achieve your brand goals.


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